Process Modelling

Our experts at your disposal

  • Reactor Modelling

  • Homogeneous Systems

  • Heterogeneous Systems

  • Evaporation

  • Distillation

  • Stripping

  • Polymers

  • Crystallisation

  • Pore Diffusion

  • Thermodynamics

  • Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Transfer from bulk fluid to particles

  • Adsorption on catalyst surface

  • Multiface interactions

  • Numerical mathematics

  • Parameter Estimation

  • Data Reconciliation

  • Operator training simulators

  • OPC

  • PDE Systems

  • Vapour / Liquid Interface

Some of the sectors we are specialized in

Oil & Gas




Water Treatment

Waste Treatment





Process Modelling process

Model Building

Our team of experts (in close cooperation with your company engineers) with our powerful custom modelling tool Mobatec Modeller allow will create first-principles models of yout type of process or equipment.
In order to provide highly predictive models we make sure that the provided model matches the provided experimental data. Then the model provides reliable data on which risk analysis and investment decisions can be made.

Model Validation

Model Simulations

After Model Validation you can perform steady-state or dynamic simulation and optimisation to explore the possibilities of your plant, process or equipment. When our models are simulated there is no difficulty in model convergence, no reinitializtions, and calculations times are lightning quick.
It goes without saying that the model will pay itself of with the data it provides. You can gain further return on investment by deploying models across your teams of engineers. The models that are delivered have a wide range of use, it will never ‘collect dust’.

Return of Investment