Dynamic and Steady State Modelling
Creating complex dynamic models has never before been so easy to do and so fast to build; Mobatec Modeller brings the world of dynamic modelling to the palm of your hand.


To be able to create the best possible models that reflects or represents the “real life” process reality the dynamics of the process simply have to be integrated in the models. How? A structured modelling methodology forms the basis of the Mobatec Modelling environment.


To build Operator Training Simulators the Mobatec Modeller connects to all major vendors control and DCS software.
Mobatec Modeller will help you build High Fidelity Dynamic (or Steady-State) models up to any scale quickly and easily.

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“It is our goal to bring this easy to understand modelling methodology to the world and to teach engineers that modelling can actually be quite easy and very valuable”


If you are interested in modelling and simulation of (parts of) industrial processes, lab-scale or pilot plant (continuous, semi-continuous, batch or semi-batch, we can help you!
Download the software (free trial period) and try it, we have created step by step tutorials and youtube films and we will be there to support you.

Create the best process models
Mobatec Modeller is an easy to use software tool that allows model builders to create dynamic or steady state process models.
Built-in process dynamics, graphical user interface to build the models, many features are integrated in the Modeller to “make modelling easy”.


Models and process simulations of any size are built in an amazingly short time; from single units up to entire processing plants (resulting in over 100.000 equations).
Beginning users can relatively quickly setup rather complex models that are transparent and easy to understand for others.

Process Design

Process Analysis

Process Safety


Process Control

Real Time Simulation

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