Mobatec Modeller

Mobatec Modeller

Build process models in a few simple steps!

Modelling & Simulation

Modelling & Simulation

For various goals and purposes.

Operator Training Simulators

Operator Training Simulators

"Flight Simulators" for the Process Industry ! Build your own OTS with Mobatec Modeller.  

  • Mobatec Modeller

    Mobatec Modeller

  • Modelling & Simulation

    Modelling & Simulation

  • Operator Training Simulators

    Operator Training Simulators

How We Can Help You

The tool that we created to help you is called Mobatec Modeller. To experience this powerful tool and discover what it can do for you,

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If you are interested in modelling and simulation of industrial, lab-scale or pilot plant processes (either continuous, semi-continuous, batch or semi-batch, either the complete process or only parts), you are on the right website !


Mobatec has many years of experience in constructing process models for many different purposes (such as research, Operator Training Simulators, teaching, control or PLC testing, real time simulating (and coupling our software to the DCS software of almost all major vendors), optimisation, engineering).

Modelling Can Be Easy!

Mobatec Modeller builds on a structured modelling methodology.


It is our goal to bring this easy to grasp modelling methodology to the world and to teach engineers that modelling can actually be quite easy and very valuable.


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In the example section you will discover the way we make modelling easy.

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